Riverfront District Liquor License

The Beer Wine & Liquor-River & Lake License was established by Ordinance. These permits are for restaurants and/or cultural entertainment experience venues. In order to apply for these permits, the primary business’ focus of operation must be on a dining or cultural experience. Riverfront licenses shall be granted to businesses that substantially contribute to the cultural fabric and quality of life in Madison, and/or support the vitality of our tourist industry. 

The Riverfront Development District Act permits the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission to issue liquor licenses (one, two and three-way) within the district, above the standard number granted to Madison. The Economic Development Department believes that granting additional licenses within the district will enable the creation of new food and beverage businesses and cultural/entertainment venues. This allowance will create economic opportunities in the area and will lengthen the useful life of the downtown district into the evening hours. The lack of availability of such licenses is a barrier to development.

To Apply:

Please fill out an application and pay the attached fee to the Economic Development Department. The Economic Development Office will then schedule a meeting with the applicant and the Mayor to go over the application and business plan. The applicant or their representative is required to attend. The Mayor’s action will be in the form of a recommendation or rejection to Common Council for their consent at a public meeting. If the application is approved the Mayor and the Common Council of the City of Madison will give the applicant a signed letter with the conditions of eligibly to that effect. 

Current businesses that hold a Beer & Liquor-River & Lake License:

Cultural Experience Venue
The Ohio Theatre
Red Bicycle Hall
Dining Experience
Crafted Coffee
Rivertown Grill
Red on Main
Pizza Uncommon