Redevelopment Commission

Created by local ordinance, as permitted under Indiana Code 36-4-9, 36-7-14, and 36-7-14.5, the mission of the Redevelopment Commission is to promote and encourage business growth and expansion while appropriating land use and improvements within the City of Madison. In doing so, they facilitate discussions on economic development issues, provide land use and development information to local elected and appointed officials, and provide public input on development, land use, and other economic development issues. The commission also establishes the county's Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts outside the incorporated city and towns.

Redevelopment Commission Members

Under state law, five commissioners oversee this department: three are appointed by the mayor, and two are appointed by the City Council. State law grants this department the ability to authorize bonds and utilize tax increment financing (TIF) to carry out specific projects within the City of Madison under the TIF plan. For more information or questions, please contact Tony Steinhardt III.

  • Tax Abatement - Managing the program, permitted under Indiana Code 6-1.1-12.1, with local policy established by City Council ordinance 1996-OR-084.
  • Worker Skills Enhancement Program – This program provides grant funds to businesses for training that raises the standard of living for employees at their companies.
John Grote Mayor 4-8-14
Joe Craig Mayor 1-10-08
Dan Hughes Mayor 3-20-13
Cary Strouse Mayor 1-2-18
David Sutter City Council 9-9-22


The Redevelopment Commission meets at 3:00 p.m. the first Tuesday of the month in the City Hall Council Chambers.