Golf Cart Registration

The City of Madison is a golf cart-friendly community and allows golf carts registered in the city access to most city streets as well as travel to and from downtown to the hilltop.

Golf Cart Registration 

In order to drive on the city streets, golf carts must be registered each year with the City of Madison Police Department (MPD) and have a valid registration sticker. There is a fee of $25 for this registration: this is only payable with cash or check at the MPD station located at 621 West Street Madison, IN 47250.

Golf carts must be identified as slow moving vehicles by a state approved rectangular slow moving vehicle sign positioned a minimum of six (6) feet above the road surface and visible at all times while being operated on city streets.

Golf cart owners must carry liability insurance coverage on a golf cart to operate the cart on city streets. 

Regulations and Safety Information

The operator of the golf cart shall comply with all traffic rules and regulations adopted by the State of Indiana and the City of Madison which govern the operation of motor vehicles.

  • To operate a cart on city streets, drivers must have a valid drivers license and be 16 years of age or older.
  • Golf carts can be operated from sunrise to sunset unless equipped with headlights and tail lights with brake lights that are visible from 500 feet away.
  • If not equipped with turn signals, drivers are required to use continuous hand signals for turns to alert other drivers.
  • Golf carts should always yield to faster moving traffic and may not impede regular flow of traffic.
  • Golf carts must only be operated on permitted roads, but may cross a prohibited street at a traffic light.
  • Golf carts may not be operated in parks, on city sidewalks or walking paths, including Heritage Trail.
  • Golf cart occupancy is limited to the amount of people for whom factory seating is installed and provided.

The use of seatbelts and/or child restraints is not required, however it is recommended that child restraints be installed and used, especially for small children, and that all passengers use seat belts if they are equipped.

golf cart map

Prohibited Streets 

Golf carts may not be operated on the following city and state roads:

  • Main Street
  • Michigan Hill Road between Milton Street and Autumnwood Lane
  • SR 56
  • SR 62 (Clifty Drive)
  • SR 7 (Hanging Rock Hill/Cragmont Street between Main Street and State Street) 
  • HWY 421 

Permitted Golf Cart Crossings

Golf Carts may cross prohibited streets at the following intersections:

  • Main Street at intersections controlled by automatic stop lights
  • Clifty Drive at the intersections of Wilson Avenue and Cragmont Street 
  • HWY 421 at the intersections of Walnut Street and Aulenbach Avenue
  • HWY 7 at Orchard Street and Green Road