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10/19/2021 unknown Madison City Council Approves 2022 Budget 25   Details icon
07/15/2021 unknown Mayor Appointed to A.I.M. Legislative Committee 167   Details icon
07/08/2021 unknown City of Madison Announces Next Steps for Those Impacted by Recent Flooding 265   Details icon
06/04/2021 unknown Roger D. Gallatin, PGA, Named Golf Professional of Sunrise Golf Course 551   Details icon
05/26/2021 unknown Parks Department Welcomes New Program Coordinator, Chad Ison 300   Details icon
05/13/2021 unknown Mayor Announces Changes at Sunrise Golf Course 372   Details icon
05/07/2021 unknown City of Madison Director of Economic Development Pursues New Opportunity 341   Details icon
04/27/2021 unknown City of Madison Announces Summer Programming and Activities 543   Details icon
04/23/2021 pdf City of Madison Riverside Tower Lofts Grand Opening Moved to May 13 335 100 KB Details icon
04/19/2021 unknown City of Madison Awarded $250,000 From the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs COVID 19 Response Program 195   Details icon
04/08/2021 pdf City of Madison Riverside Tower Lofts Grand Opening Set for May 10 260 100 KB Details icon
02/03/2021 unknown City Works Towards Attracting a Downtown Grocery Store 288   Details icon
01/27/2021 unknown City of Madison Parks Board Addresses Financial Deficit 233   Details icon
01/21/2021 unknown City of Madison Awarded $2 Million for Crystal Beach Rehabilitation Project 204   Details icon
01/12/2021 unknown Second Round of COVID-19 Small Business Rescue Grant Fund Recipients Announced 344   Details icon
01/04/2021 unknown Parks Department Launches New Online Registration and Facilities Software 442   Details icon
11/20/2020 unknown City of Madison Reverts to Electronic Public Meetings 84   Details icon
Documents 1-18 of 18