The Planning Division is responsible for both long-range planning, which involves guiding the City's future through the preparation of community-based planning and policies, as well as current planning through the review of development proposals. These efforts are all coordinated to contribute to making Madison a great place to live, work, and play. The city's policies and plans determine where and how the City will grow in future years and how that growth will be balanced with the availability of infrastructure and services and with the needs of the growing city.

In This Department:

The Director of Planning provides support to all staff and all boards/commissions on planning, zoning, and development matters. The planner will provide project management and technical expertise in the implementation of long-range city planning documents, offer assistance to applicants and the public, and perform staff technical review and reports. The planner will provide overall direction, development, and supervision of long-range planning for the City; create planning documents and reports to support department initiatives; administer an active grant program and seek additional funding opportunities for the City or general public; assist with development plan review and permitting; impartially advocate for the public interest in new developments and assist the Mayor with communicating and advocating the benefits to the community of planning and zoning; and coordinate activities and plans between City Departments.

The Associate Planner provides support to the Plan Commission board and Board of Zoning Appeals. The Associate Planner works with the general public and assists them with understanding filing deadlines, zoning, building permits, setback, and general construction standards as well as local ordinance requirements and guidelines regarding individual projects.

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Visit the City's Planning Projects and Studies Page for the list of current planning projects or studies underway. You can also view all the previous studies or plans on that page.