Celebrate Independent Retailer Month

Madison, Indiana (July 27, 2022) – July is Independent Retailer Month, and I want to recognize our local retailers for their commitment to our community and the role they play in the overall quality of life in Madison. Madison is growing because of individuals willing to invest in our community, and without them, we would not be the charming and unique city that attracts over 300,000 visitors each year.

Our local independent retailers are intertwined in much of what happens in our city, and I don’t think we could ever realize the extent of their impact. In fact, every city event is made possible by our local retailers. Without their steady support, our parades, fireworks, Halloween and Christmas events, summer athletic programs, and the many various festivals and events in and around Madison would not be able to continue. It is because of their involvement we can have these wonderful opportunities and economic drivers that work to increase the quality of life in our city. It’s often said that small businesses are the backbone of any community, and it couldn’t be more true.  Independent retailers must be experts in design, branding, management, and sales. They are risk takers, working hard to bring unique experiences to the local marketplace.

When I ran for mayor, I campaigned on having a head for business and a heart for Madison. The work and dedication demanded of people in this field is extensive, and I’ve seen how communities forget the value of their local retailers and their impact on the economic health of a community. But today as I look around me at our thriving city and interact with these business owners, I am proud to say our community is one of the greatest supporters of independent retailers. It is because of this, I say Madison is on the move, and this is one of the many ways it will continue to flourish and shine.

Let’s make Madison, not only a beautiful city, but also a strong community that continues to champion its independent retailers. By shopping at one of our many thriving downtown or hilltop small businesses, you are making a financial commitment to YOUR community. I am thankful for Independent Retailer Month and the awareness it brings to our locally owned businesses. Whether its shopping on Main Street or visiting the hilltop, I hope you join me in supporting the many wonderful retailers we have right here in Madison!

Bob Courtney

Madison’s Mayor