City of Madison Parks Department Slashes Youth Program Fees by Mayor Bob Courtney

Madison, Indiana (January 13, 2022) – In April of 2020, we began evaluating and restructuring the parks department. We looked for ways to increase our revenue streams while addressing the deficit caused by many park facilities, we brought in a new team with fresh ideas, and we challenged the Parks Board to be more engaged than ever before. The goal behind this analysis and restructuring was to increase the quality of life in Madison by focusing our efforts on investing in the entire parks system.

The parks department has operated on a deficit for many years. In 2021 we made the difficult decision to increase rates at Sunrise Golf Course, which reduced the deficit by 50%. We made significant changes at the City Campground, resulting in an increased occupancy rate, and have generated $150,000 of net profit the past tax season. Through these difficult decisions, we have been able to invest in our neighborhood parks and youth programs.

In 2022, facility rates at Sunrise Golf Course and Crystal Beach Swimming Pool will remain unchanged. The City Campground rates will increase slightly to account for inflation, but investments are being made to improve the grounds. And most youth program fees have been reduced by over 50%, making our parks department the most affordable in our community and the surrounding counties.

Without the work of our parks department staff and the Parks Board, we would not be in a position to address the deferred maintenance of our community parks, we would not be in a place to make capital investments in our parks, and we would not be able to offer reduced youth program rates to the families in our community.

I look forward to the future of the City of Madison Parks Department and sharing with you our plans for the entire parks system. I encourage you to attend our public Parks Board meetings or visit to stay informed.

Bob Courtney

Madison’s Mayor