City of Madison Police Department Awarded $100,000 from Bethany Legacy Foundation

The City of Madison Police Department (MPD) announced the Bethany Legacy Foundation has awarded a $100,000 grant to the department for the implementation of a new mental health program called Police Advocacy and Support Services (PASS). The new program will provide mental health services for MPD officers and officers serving the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

“Community safety is a top priority of mine and that starts with strengthening our law enforcement resources to ensure our officers are equipped to serve and protect our citizens,” said Madison’s Mayor Bob Courtney. “The mental health of our law enforcement officers is often overlooked because they are busy caring for everyone else, this grant provides us the opportunity to care for them. We are grateful to the Bethany Legacy Foundation for their support and investment in our public safety officers.”

At no cost to the city or our officers, PASS will provide mental health and counseling service to 93 officers in Jefferson County. One mandatory mental health counseling session per year will be required, and officers may choose to attend four additional sessions per year, to which they can bring their spouse or significant others, at no additional cost. Officers will be required to attend additional sessions following any critical incident that they experience while on duty. Services will be provided by The Freedom Center.

“We believe this program is going to bring a positive change for the Madison Police Department, and in turn, a positive change for the City of Madison. In a profession where we see and deal with some of the worst circumstances that this world has to offer, we must offer an outlet for our officers to unload that heavy burden. We are grateful for the support the Bethany Legacy Foundation has provided to make this program possible,” said MPD Detective Shawn Scudder.

“Our law enforcement works hard to protect and serve our residents. Investing in their wellbeing and that of their families ultimately helps provide even better service to our community,” said Bethany Legacy Foundation President and CEO Dora Anim.