Common Council Standing Committees

The City Council of Madison maintains several standing committees that oversee and advise various areas of local government. The current standing committees of the council are Fire and Health; Harbor, Levies, and Parks; Traffic; Finance; Schools; and New Projects.

If you do not feel comfortable attending the meeting in person at this time but would like to submit questions and/or comments regarding the agenda, you can do so by emailing no later than noon the day of the scheduled meeting date. Said questions and/or comments will be provided to board members and legal counsel prior to the meeting.

Standing Committee Members

Committee Councilors
Fire and Health  Amanda Creech, Curtis Chatham, Jim Bartlett
Harbor, Levies, and Parks  Curtis Chatham, Lucy Dattilo, Katie Rampy
Traffic  Patrick Thevenow, Katie Rampy, Lucy Dattilo
Finance  Katie Rampy, Jim Bartlett, Dan Dattilo
Schools  Dan Dattilo, Amanda Creech, Curtis Chatham
New Projects Patrick Thevenow, Amanda Creech, Katie Rampy

For more information or questions, please contact Tammy Acosta.


Standing committees meet as needed in City Hall Council Chambers.