READI Projects

The City of Madison received only 65% of the READI money it applied for, reaching a total of $2,556,200. The city has made the US 421 Gateway Park, Mulberry Street Art Corridor Parking Lot and Main Street Comfort Station improvements, in addition to the Indiana Music Center Amphitheater our top three READI project priorities. The Redevelopment Commission (RDC) will fund the remaining amount necessary to complete the three projects. 

Indiana Music City Amphitheater


Partners: City of Madison, Madison Parks, Southern Indiana Regional Development Authority

Project Type


Location: Bicentennial Park

Project Summary: The project will complete the plans from 2009 and remain a permanent amphitheater structure creating the only outdoor music venue in Jefferson County. There will be parking and HMI property enhancements made to the park as well.

Anticipated Project Schedule: Design plans will start in the fall of 2022 with projected construction beginning in late summer of 2023. The project is estimated to be finished in early summer of 2024.

Estimated Costs:  $4,169,500

Funding Sources: The remaining funds are necessary once the READI money is expensed on the other two projects. The estimated RDC commitment is $3.4 million which was planned as a Series B band with the Madison Plaza issuance. 


US 421 Gateway Park Project


Partners: City of Madison, Southern Indiana Regional Development Authority, Madison Area Arts Alliance

Project Type


Location: The gateway area around the intersection of East First Street and US 421 by the Madison/Milton bridge. 

Project Summary: This project is intended to turn the property into a park and rest stop area for those entering Madison from the bridge. The properties currently feature two deteriorated parking lots and a tattoo shop. The city will increase the curb appeal here by adding landscaping, a properly maintained asphalt parking lot, and a park-like setting across the new welcome sign. 

Anticipated Project Schedule: Bidding has already begun and construction is projected to occur from October 2022 to January 2023, and a public arts piece will be added at a later date.

Estimated Costs:  $1,267,520.20 

Funding Sources: The RDC commitments include the READI match for all approved projects. 


Mulberry Street Corridor

mullberrystreet corridor

Partners: Madison Area Arts Alliance, City of Madison, Southern Indiana Regional Development Authority

Project Type


Location: The corridor will be located on Mulberry Street from Main Street to Second Street with the Neighborhood Market being located at the south-east corner of the corridor.

Project Summary: The Mulberry Street Arts Corridor project is saving one of the region's most intact early 19th century commercial blocks from years of disinvestment. The parking lot improvement will turn the new Kindness mural into the focal point of the district. This project also includes improvements to the parking lot behind the nearby comfort station off of Main Street.

Anticipated Project Schedule: Bids have already been turned in, and construction is estimated to start in October of 2022 with completion in the late spring of 2023

Estimated Costs: $879,283.20

Funding Sources: The RDC commits to a READI match for all approved projects


Super Overlook


Partners: Riverfront Development Committee, City of Madison, Regatta Committee

Project Type


Location: The super overlook will replace the current judges stand on Vaughn Dr near the end of Mulberry St.

Project Summary: The first level of the overlook will include a 4800 sq. ft angler structure which will provide seating on a street level surface. The second level will be a 1200 sq. ft observation deck providing shade to the first level. The project also includes 230-250 ft of terraced seating on either side of the overlook encompassing stairs connecting the 8-9 rows, all of which will be lighted.

Anticipated Project Schedule: Bidding began in August of 2022

Estimated Costs: $2,000,000

Funding Sources: The RDC has committed $250,000