Public Arts

Public Art Installations

Partners: Madison Area Arts Alliance, Madison Public Arts Commission in addition to Madison Consolidated Schools, CRM (Sunrise Crossing developer) and sculptor, Dale Rogers

Location: Sunrise Crossing, Gateway and Bicentennial Park

Project Summary

Bird Man: (in partnership with CRM - Sunrise Crossing developer)

    • Created by sculptor Dale Rogers who will be an artist in residence at Madison Junior High twice during the next year
    • Madison Junior High School students will be creating storylines describing who Bird Man is
    • Madison Cub Industries will be creating smaller sculptures inspired by Dale Rogers work, which will be placed throughout the Madison School District 


    • Partnering with Madison Area Arts Alliance to submit a grant to the community foundation for the temporary art exhibit 
    • Dale Rogers will be setting up 12 birds that will stay in Bicentennial Park from the end of March to October
    • One bird will be a permanent art installation in Bicentennial Park, if funding allows

GATEWAY Art Project

    • The commission is reviewing the RFQ for Indiana Artist for the 3-dimensional public art to be installed at the Madison/Indiana Gateway project. 

Anticipated Project Schedule: 

FLIGHT - Install March - October 2023

BIRDMAN - Install September 2023

GATEWAY - Final designs submitted Q4 of 2023. Install Q1 2024. 

Estimated Costs: GATEWAY Art: $200,000 ($100,000 READI, $100,000 Fundraise and Grants)

Funding Sources: $25,000 annually will be invested into art and maintenance by the RDC