Gaines Park Project

Gaines park invite

Gaines Park Redevelopment Project

Partners: City of Madison, City of Madison Parks & Recreation Department

Developer/Contractor: Contractor, Sedam Contracting and Can-Do Maintenance; Playground Equipment Provide, GameTime; Designer, Ratio Design

Location: 628 Broadway Street

Project Summary: This project reimagines Gaines Park to give this area of the community a neighborhood park with fresh updates, to become a beautiful asset to the residents nearby. The project plan includes a new modern playground to meet state code, refurbishment and extension of the current shelter house, a new basketball court and goals, and open space for the community to use for meetings and gatherings.

Anticipated Project Schedule: Construction began in summer of 2023 and is to be completed in September of 2023. 

Estimated Costs:  $250,000

Funding Sources: Redevelopment Commission has committed ARPA funds for this project.