Projects Page

City projects tend to originate from three departments/categories (although they cross between them frequently as departments collaborate to accomplish their goals). These categories are Economic & Redevelopment, READI, and Parks & Recreation. 

Economic & Redevelopment 

The economic team serves and cultivates the growth of our quality of life within our community by enhancing its amenities for attraction of investment. Through business, workforce and community development, we work closely with numerous agencies and nonprofits to craft strategic initiatives for growth and with business, industrial, and education stakeholders to ensure collaboration for workforce development. 


The Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative (READI) was launched by Gov. Eric Holcomb as a bold, transformational initiative to distribute state funds to promote strategic investments on a regional level. Our Southern Indiana, the Regional Development Authority (RDA) that includes the City of Madison and Jefferson County, has been awarded $50 million in state READI grant funds. Proposed projects for the Madison area focus on destination and workforce development such as an amphitheater, gateway improvements, new housing, improving the Mulberry Street arts corridor, restoring the Ohio Theater, completing our neighborhood market, development of a veterinary teaching center at Hanover College in partnership with Ivy Tech-Madison, and the Hanover-Madison Connector Trail. 

Parks & Recreation

The City of Madison completed a comprehensive data collection and analysis in conjunction with public surveys, public meetings/input, meetings with staff, and current/former park commissioners to create a 5 year Master Plan for the Parks and Recreation Department. Combining this information with an inventory assessment, demographics study, and trends analysis the city was able to determine its needs moving forward and lay out priorities for 2022-2026.