Main Street Project

The city will begin maintenance work on Main Street beginning Monday, July 19, 2021. This maintenance work is the first step towards improving Main Street. While work is occurring, travel will still be permitted, however, we ask that you please make note of the posted no parking signs.

Crews will work in sections of four blocks at a time beginning at Jefferson Street and working towards the Crooked Creek bridge. No parking signs will be posted in the four block sections 24 hours in advance and will be moved as work progresses. 

Main Street Summer Maintenance Plan 

Project Overview and Information

The project runs from the west side of Jefferson Street and Main to Highway 62.

Work will be divided into two phases.

Order of work to be completed in each section:

  • Milling and patching of worst areas in need of repair
  • Crack sealing of remaining areas
  • Liquid Road application
  • Striping

Timeline:  All work will be completed by end of August (weather dependent), with a few week window before Chautauqua, in case of delays.

All work  will be completed in four block sections will have flaggers, message boards, and posted "no parking" signs including estimated date windows for completion of that section so parking can resume. All signage will say "weather permitting".

Work days may begin as early as 7AM and stop by 7PM, Monday-Friday

July 26th-August 7st (weather permitting)

Phase 1: Jefferson Street (north side) to Crooked Creek bridge and back to Jefferson (south side) - then Hanover Hill to Highway 62 (including 256)

No parking: Signs will be placed in areas where work will begin 24 hours in advance. 

Work zone: The curb to center lane which will allow travel to continue. 

Working four blocks at a time, crews will begin on the north side of Main milling and patching, all the way to the Crooked Creek bridge on west end.

At the bridge, crews will turn around and work the south side of Main, four blocks at a time with milling and patching, until they return to Jefferson Street on the south side. 

Following the same work pattern, crews will move out to the west end at Crooked Creek bridge and working on the north side, move to the top of Hanover Hill and Highway 62 (including 256 section), then return back.

August 9th-August 27th (weather permitting)

Phase 2: Jefferson Street (north side) to Crooked Creek bridge and back to Jefferson Street (south side) - then Hanover Hill to Highway 62 (including 256)

Following the same pattern as phase 1, including no parking signage and work hours/days, crews will begin on the north side of Jefferson and Main with crack sealing and application of Liquid Road product. 

As soon as the Liquid Road has time to set (approximately 2-3 hours), striping crews will complete new striping in each section - continuing on north side of Main to Crooked Creek bridge then turning around and completing on the south side, back to Jefferson Street.

Once Main Street is complete, crews will return to the Crooked Creek bridge and work on the north side to Highway 62 and then back on the south side. 

No changes to central business district

No changes to striping will be made in the central business district.

Four driving lanes will remain with parallel parking, crosswalks, and no bike lane.

Crosswalks will remain as they are. However, crosswalks on the east and west sides of intersections at Vine and Elm will have lighted/flashing signage as improvements. 

This project plan will be updated as progress is made.