Storm Water Program

Storm Water Program

When Congress amended the Clean Water Act in 1972, those amendments defined ambitious programs for water quality improvement that have since been expanded and are still being implemented by industries and municipalities across the United States. 

In order to comply, the city must make a number of improvements to change the way we manage all aspects of water management. This includes sewage and rainwater, the paths they take, and how they are processed.

Clean Water

The following information will better explain what storm water and watershed is, and how important it is to our environment and our future that we manage it in an appropriate way. We must be good and responsible stewards of the earth. One of the most important commodities in the world is the availability of clean drinking water.

Water Pollution

As we all know, pollution has impacted the health of fish and wildlife throughout the country. The intention of the Clean Water Act is to protect our nation’s water system for future generations. The Clean Water Act is mandated by the federal government, and it is our responsibility to comply with our nation’s laws.

Report Illegal Dumping

If you see people illegally dumping pollutants and trash into the storm sewer system, please call Jay Thompson, MS4 Coordinator at 812-265-8328, or submit an online report.

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