Beautification Projects

Main Street Flowerbeds

Originally installed along Main Street in the 1970s, our flowerbeds see a lot of care every year, and require dutiful maintenance to ensure they flourish each spring-summer. To stay updated on their current progress status, click here. 

Holiday Lighting

Made in-house at the City of Madison Garage on Walnut St., our holiday lights are seasonal installations that bring fun characters and hometown charm to our cityscape. This includes everything from the Main Street Christmas garland strung across stoplights to the Halloween goblins and looming skeletons shining by the riverfront, to the many hearts, shamrocks, music notes, stars and more that adorn our lampposts throughout the year. 

Planning, Preservation & Design: A Foundation on Which a City can Thrive 

A beautiful city needs intentional codes residents and business owners can reference as they seek to contribute to our community. Whether it be mowing a lawn, hanging a new business sign or restoring blighted properties to their former glory, everyone in the City of Madison contributes to the beauty of our community, and these projects span a wide variety of preservation, city code work and planning that effect every part of the process.