Infrastructure Projects

CCMG: City Roads Grant

After assessing our roadways and sidewalks across the city, this project is a revitalization effort that will encompass milling and paving work on our worst roadways in the city in addition to gutter/culvert and sidewalk improvements as needed. This project will run in two phases, with the initial work on the hilltop beginning in the fall of 2023 and the second portion in downtown in the spring of 2024. 

Habitat for Humanity Subdivision

The RDC entered into an EDA on June 6, 2022. The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority stated that Jefferson County is 300 units short in all income levels, this led us into this agreement with the nonprofit to build six homes no smaller than 1,200 SF. The developer will complete three homes on Green Rd with paved driveways, and at the time of completion, the city will mill and pave Beech Grove St and replace and repair existing sidewalks. 


Stemming from research conducted in fall of 2021, this project includes the installation of wayfinding signs per the recommendation of the study. The design will adapt or use the existing Madison Comfort Station, Map Kiosk and Trolley stop signs. Design is currently underway, with some new signs installed in the fall of 2022 and additional signage in the spring of 2023. 

Oak Hill Neighborhood

This neighborhood has had little to no maintenance since it was built over 40 years ago. This project includes complete sidewalk, curb and gutter replacements, ADA accessible ramps on all sidewalks and streets will be milled and re-paved. In addition, all driveways will have new approaches for improved drainage and access for residents. See "Recent News" tab below for project updates.

Main Street Masterplan

An outcome of a comprehensive study conducted in 2020, the Main Street Master Plan has been thoughtfully developed to simultaneously calm traffic, increase the safety of pedestrians, boost the historic character of the street, and replace/repair infrastructure ad drainage issues. When completed, the project is estimated to be near $25 million.