Regulations and Ordinaces

  1. Open Burning Ordinance
  2. Public Firework Displays

Open Burning Ordinances

The open burning of any materials within the city, in or upon the streets, alleys, parks, or public or private places of the city, by any person, firm, or corporation, whether as owner, lessee, sub-lessee, or occupant, is hereby strictly prohibited except as permitted by this sub-chapter;

The following types of open burning fires are permitted, provided that the burning is in compliance with the requirements set forth in § 92.46:

(A)   Ceremonial fires, including Twelfth Night Ceremonies, school rallies, scouting activities, religious ceremonies, and similar types of fires;

(B)   Fire suppression training;

(C)   Burning of natural refuse only derived from land clearing operations resulting in a change of land usage (i.e., agricultural to industrial, vacant to residential development);

(D)   Burning of natural refuse and/or clean wood waste resulting from a declared natural disaster;

(E)   Emergency burning. The open burning of materials deemed hazardous as permitted by the state and/or federal government;

(F)   Recreational fires;

(G)   Open burning fires permitted and regulated by IC 13-17-9, IC 13-17-9-1, IC 13-17-9-2, and IC 13-17-9-3; and

(H)   Warming fires.