Pickup days are:

  • Downtown (East of West Street): Every Monday
  • Downtown (West of West Street): Every Thursday
  • Hilltop West of Cragmont Street: Every Tuesday
  • Hilltop East of Cragmont Street: Every Wednesday

Compost is picked up on a weekly basis on the same day as your trash pickup.

Pickup Calendar and Map
You can view a map and pickup schedule (PDF). Or, you may stop by City Hall to receive a copy.

Acceptable Collection Options
Compost material must be placed in a 33 gallon can affixed with a City of Madison current composting sticker or an approved Compost Bag. Neither cans nor bags can exceed 50 pounds.

Composting Materials

Composting materials include grass, yard waste, twigs and small breakable branches.

Drop Offs

The transfer station is open to the city and, for a fee, can accept logs and large tree limbs which the Sanitation Department will not pick up. 

Limbs & Branches

Free to all city residents, limbs and branches trimmed by the homeowner will be picked up by request. All limbs exceeding 4 inches in diameter, or over 6 feet is considered a limb and will not be picked up with normal compost. Limbs must be called in for pick up to the Street Department secretary at 812-265-8304. If you hire a company to trim limbs or branches, you are responsible for ensuring they are taken off your property. The City will not pick up limbs and/or branches left by companies hired to do the work.