K-12 Schools

Public Schools

Canaan Academy

The Canaan Academy is a recent addition to Jefferson County as a charter school.
Please visit Canaan Academy for more information.

Madison Consolidated Schools

Madison Consolidated Schools include four elementary schools, one junior high and one high school.
Please visit Madison Consolidated Schools for more information or check out their interactive information brochure!

Southwestern Schools

Southwestern Schools serve the Hanover area, including one elementary school and one Jr./Sr. high school.
Please visit Southwestern Schools for more information.

Private/Parochial Schools

Christian Academy of Madison

Christian Academy of Madison is one building, open to all individuals who would like a private education.
Please visit Christian Academy of Madison for more information.

Prince of Peace Schools

Pope John Elementary School and Shawe Memorial Jr./Sr. High school is open to all those wanting a private education.
Please visit Prince of Peace Schools for more information.