City Council Standing Committees

The City Council of Madison maintains several standing committees that oversee and advise various areas of local government. The current standing committees of the council are Fire and Health; Harbor, Levies, and Parks; Traffic; Finance; Schools; and New Projects.

Standing Committee Members

Fire and Health Laura Hodges, Dan Dattilo, and Derma Smith
Harbor, Levies, and Parks Jan Vetrhus, Darrell Henderson, and Kathleen Rampy
Traffic Jan Vetrhus, Derma Smith, and Darrell Henderson
Finance Darrell Henderson, Dan Dattilo, and Laura Hodges
Schools David Alcorn, Laura Hodges, and Kathleen Rampy
New ProjectsKathleen Rampy, David Alcorn, and Jan Vetrhus

For questions or concerns about any of the Standing Committees, please feel free to contact your City Council member. For additional contact information, select any of the links in the table that correspond with the committee that you're inquiring about.