Plan Commission

The Plan Commission Board handles all set back applications, rezoning applications, and preliminary subdivision development for the City of Madison. All applications for the Plan Commission Board may be paid with cash or check made out to Madison City Plan Commission.

Complete applications are due by 3:00 p.m. at least ten (10) days prior to filing deadline. This allocates time for staff to review the project and if needed request additional information prior to the filing deadline. Failure to submit your application at least ten (10) days before the filling deadline may result in your application not being on the next Madison City Plan Commission agenda. If the tenth day falls on a holiday or weekend, the deadline will be the following business day. For a list of meeting dates look at the calendar on the home page.

If you do not feel comfortable attending the meeting in person at this time but would like to submit questions and/or comments regarding the agenda, you can do so by emailing no later than 3:30 PM one (1) working day prior to the scheduled meeting date. Said questions and/or comments will be provided to board members and legal counsel prior to the meeting.

2019 Plan Commission Board Members

Darrell HendersonChairmanMayor1-7-20
Jerry RalstonBoard MemberCouncil1-7-20
Patrick ThevenowBoard MemberCouncil1-7-20
Josh WilburBoard MemberMayor1-7-20
Seth PenningtonBoard MemberMayor1-7-20
Robert WallerBoard MemberMayor1-7-20
Karl EaglinBoard MemberMayor1-7-20
Jeff Kernen (County Appointment)Board MemberCounty1-14-19

Board Attorney - Devon Sharpe

For more information or questions, please contact Louann Waller.