Tree Board

The Tree Board is responsible for the management of our collection of public trees. The Tree Board manages the trees that grow along the public streets and parks that lie within its jurisdiction.

Board Jurisdiction

The jurisdiction is bounded by the Ohio River on the south, the toe of the hill on the north, and the corporate limits on both the east and west. This ordinance outlines the species and sizes of trees that can be planted in public spaces, the requirements for traffic and personal safety, utility service clearances, and procedures for routine care or removal of trees when required.

Tree Management

Madison’s public tree management is administered by the City Tree Board and assisted by the City Arborist, Tim Perry. The five-member Tree Board is composed of Madison residents who serve on the board without pay. Its members are appointed by the mayor. The city arborist is a city employee knowledgeable in the field of urban forestry.

The Tree Board’s administration of the public tree management plan includes:

  • Ensuring proper planting procedures
  • Choosing planting sites for the 30 to 40 trees planted annually
  • Reviewing and acting upon requests for removal and pruning of street trees
  • Providing educational information on trees to citizens
  • Planning an annual Arbor Day celebration
  • Promoting public awareness of the importance of the city’s trees
  • Planning and coordinating a yearly project. Past projects have included:
    • Mulberry and Second Street parking lot
    • Broadway Fountain
    • Main Street parking lot

Street Trees

A street tree is any tree growing on a public street, most often found between the sidewalk and the street. The Tree Board does not govern trees that grow on private property.

Ask Before You Act

The Tree Board governs both the maintenance of existing street trees and the planting of a new one. If you think an existing street tree near your property may require removal or pruning, contact the Street Department at 812-265-8300.

The Right Tree For the Right Place

The ordinance establishes guidelines for planting street trees, helping to ensure that trees planted today will not create unwanted problems in the future. These guidelines govern placement and type of trees to be planted as street trees. The Tree Board has developed a list of approved street trees that residents can plant in the area between the sidewalk and the street. This area is known as a Tree Yard. In order to get the right tree in the right place, and to avoid damaging underground and overhead utilities, residents are asked to contact the City Arborist or a member of the Tree Board before planting these trees, or any tree in their Tree Yard. These trees have been found to grow to appropriate sizes and to be able to withstand the rigors of growing in the urban environment. Take a look at the list of approved street trees:

Approved Street Trees

Shumard Oak                                        

-Height 55 – 80 ft.

-Tree Yard size:  6 ft.

-Fall Color:  Red

-Existing Location: 618 W. Main St.

Northern Red Oak              

-Height 60 – 70 ft.

-Tree Yard size: 6 ft.

-Fall Color:  Red

-Existing Location: 502 Broadway

Red Maple             

-Height 40 – 60 ft.

-Tree Yard size: 4 – 6 ft.

-Fall Color: Red

-Existing Location: 410 Mill St.

Sugar Maple                    

-Height 60 – 75 ft.

-Tree Yard size: 4 – 6 ft.

-Fall Color: Yellow, orange, red

-Existing Location: 216 E. Second St.

Chinese/ Lacebark Elm                    

-Height 40 – 50 ft.

-Tree Yard size: 3 – 4 ft.

-Fall Color: Red, purple, yellow

-Existing Location: 104 E. Third St.

Frontier Elm                   

-Height 25’ – 40’

-Tree Yard size: 3 – 4 ft.

-Fall Color: Purplish red

-Existing Location: 501 W. Main St. on Elm St.

Goldenrain Tree          

-Height 30 – 40 ft.

-Tree Yard size: 3 – 4 ft.

-Fall Color: Yellow

-Existing Location: 414 Mill St.

Street Trees Suitable for Planting Under Overhead Utilities

 Pacific Sunset Maple              

-Height 25 – 30 ft.

-Tree Yard size: 3 – 4 ft.

-Fall Color: Yellow, orange, red

-Existing Location:

 Thornless Hawthorn- seedless            

-Height -25’                                         

-Tree Yard size: 3 ft.

-Flowers: pinkish red or white flowers

-Existing Location: 312 W. Third St.


-Height 15’ – 25’          white flowers

-Tree Yard size: 3 ft.               

-Fall Color: Red          

-Existing Location: 102 W. Main St.


-Height 15’ – 30’          white flowers

-Tree Yard size: 3 Ft.

-Fall Color: Red          

-Existing Location: 101 W. Main St.

Japanese Tree Lilac                 

-Height  20’ – 30’                    

-Tree Yard size: 3 Ft.  

-Flowers: White flowers

-Existing Location: 310 West St.

If you would like to plant a tree in your Tree Yard, please contact the Street Department at 812-265-8300.

Tree Board Members

Kathy RohlfingMayor1-7-20
Julie RubioMayor1-7-20
Melinda AcreeMayor1-2019
Bill BarnesMayor8-2013
Theresa StrohlMayor1-7-20

For more information, please contact Kathy Rohlfing.

Phone- 812-701-5667



The Tree Board meets the second Thursday of every month at 6:00 P.M. in the City Hall Council Chambers.