PACE Review

The primary goal of the P.A.C.E. Grant Program is to promote economic development through encouraging proper exterior historic rehabilitation and preservation to both residential and commercial properties located within the local Madison Historic District boundaries. This program provides eligible private-property owners with funds to aid in their rehabilitation or preservation projects.

If you do not feel comfortable attending the meeting in person at this time but would like to submit questions and/or comments regarding the agenda, you can do so by emailing no later than noon the day of the scheduled meeting date. Said questions and/or comments will be provided to board members and legal counsel prior to the meeting.

2020 PACE Review Members

Jim Bartlett (Ungru)Board MemberCouncil2-04-20
Bill OhlendorfBoard MemberCouncil1-07-20
Carl TyreeBoard MemberMayor5-08-20
Cara FoxBoard Member
Donnie VaughnBoard Member

For more information or questions, please contact Nicole Schell.