Community Outreach Program

The  Community Outreach Program is for City of Madison residents who are elderly, have compromised immune systems, or have small children at home and need a little extra help with pickup and delivery of essential items such as groceries, meals, general hygiene items, pet supplies, and medications. 

This program should never be used for medical or other emergencies, please always dial 911.


The city has formed a small team of individuals dedicated to serving those in need. The team is responsible for taking phone calls from those in need, organizing volunteers, and arranging for the pick up of essential items such as groceries, meals, hygiene items, pet supplies, and medications. 

All items must be paid for in advance. If you do not know how to place a pickup order with Kroger and Walmart, our team can help walk you through that.

  1. Carol

    Carol Lee

    Program Coordinator

  1. Debbie

    Debbie Snodgrass

    Program Coordinator

  1. Isaac

    Isaac Taylor

    Team Member

  1. Katie

    Katie Royce

    Team Member

  1. Nick

    Nick Macon

    Team Member

Contact Us:

Our Community Outreach Team is available Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at 812-274-0777.

Requesting Assistance

Over the next few weeks, City of Madison residents will begin seeing packets left on their doors, which include detailed instruction and a card with a green and red side. Those needing help are asked to place the red side on their door or window so public safety officers, our team, and neighbors can recognize you need assistance. Your packets will include a phone number for the Community Outreach Division. When you need help with essential item pick up, give that number a call, and our team will help you out.

For complete instructions, click HERE. To request a card, click HERE


The best way you can volunteer is by making sure your elderly and home-bound neighbors are doing okay. If you notice your neighbor is displaying a red card, and personally know your neighbor, give your neighbor a call to see how you might be able to assist. If you do not personally know your neighbor, you can give our Community Outreach Division a call to let our team know you have a neighbor in need.  You can also sign up to volunteer for our program HERE.

Avoiding scams

Unfortunately, there are individuals out there capitalizing on the COVID-19 pandemic. We ask that you, please be aware. Please do not open the door to individuals you do not know. Our team will ONLY be contacting you via phone to maintain a social distance. While groceries, medications, and other essential items will need to be paid for in advance, we will never ask for your personal financial information. Our team is helping those in need to utilize Kroger and Walmart’s online pickup options. Our team will work directly with you to arrange a time for your items to be picked up and delivered. You will know what time to expect our team and will be told who will be making your delivery. If you are unsure about a phone call you have received, please give us a call.